Juarez American Football Team to Hold Tryouts This Weekend

Thursday, 25 October 2018, I was joined on the Shootout Podcast by Ivan Moreno and Augustine Pimentel as a huge announcement was made. American Football is coming to CD. Juarez, Mexico!

Moreno, Owner of the Centauros, went on to explain the upcoming tryouts for the team who has a max 8 spots available to “foreign” players. The tryouts will be held at Chucus Olascoaga Stadium in Juarez, this Saturday at 9 am.


This is exciting news for local players who have that itch to go out and prove to not only their family and friends, but themselves they still have that fire and ability to perform at a true professional level.

On a larger aspect, this team shows hope and inspiration to an area that has long been overlooked as a football factory. Juarez has three (3) Colleges that play American Football and have won multiple National Championships and with the explosion of players from El Paso who have made moves to big colleges and even the NFL, there is a chance to continue their career and perform at a high level.


The Centauros are aiming for another tryout in the area in the near future, but on this side of the border as a way of extending the olive branch in a community that has relied on each other for decades.

The Centauros are looking to kick the season off in February and merchandise will begin being sold in January. More info on tickets and season tickets will be updated as available.

El Paso and Juarez are getting Pro-Football! it’s time to get out there and show your Centauros Pride!

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