Thank You UTEP

707 days from November 26, 2016 to November 3, 2018. 707 days between wins for the UTEP Miners. Saturday, November 3, 2018, The Longest Active Losing streak in Texas CFB and in CFB itself, came to an end.

Photo by: Cornelius Brown @ Spirit of 66

20 games between losses, three coaches, multiple NFL players, and a too many jaded fans and those asking for the football program to be completely disbanded. All these numbers, and only one matters now.

  1. UTEP is now 1-0 (1-8 realistically), in November and have since broken the chains and bonds of what consistent losing does to you. A team molding together to create a new light at the end of the tunnel. Yes they have one win on the season, yes to the haters that say they’re still bad and this win didn’t mean much. However, the win means more. it simply means, if even for a week, UTEP and their fans are winners. A complete culture of losing has been broken.


UTEP will NEVER be a national champion contender, but what their fans want is something to talk about, something to get them excited, something that can bring them together.

I want to thank L & F Distributors for making the #BreakTheChains movement possible, and the UTEP fanbase for embracing the Orange and Blue the way they did. The smiles, celebration, and joy is something I can say I have never seen. The way UTEP was embraced by their jaded fans was what made this whole venture worthwhile.

As the social media bombardment went on I want to thank everyone for their support, love and most importantly passion for UTEP. Without you, this team is nothing.

One thing that must be made clear, Break The Chains wasn’t about myself or the podcast or anything of that nature. Break The Chains was about changing the narrative about UTEP Football and UTEP Athletics as a whole. Break The Chains, for me, was about changing the way we think of UTEP Football, gone was the “I hope we don’t lose” comments and mindset and we welcomed the more positive “I can’t wait for this win!” mindset.


We’ve all seen it in sports, when you play to not lose, you lose. Playing to win, normally equals a win, we got that win now.

I challenge all of the UTEP fans out there to continue the positivity, and let the spirit of Breaking The Chains live on. “Embrace the suck” I once said, now I ask that UTEP fans and supporters Embrace THIS Win and show some love and support for our Orange and Blue squad as they come back home to El Paso and face off vs the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State and do our best to pack the Sun Bowl. I’m glad to say I’ve made new friends from this, but most importantly I hope I could have inspired others to break their own chains of negativity and look at life in general in a different light.

Thank you El Paso, you’re amazing and you deserve a winner, but this team deserves your support as well, they go hand in hand.

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