I Love My City

Today, August 3rd, my hometown, my city… was thrust into the national spotlight. A city best described as a really big small town, shaken to its core with the news of a mass shooting at a Walmart. As of this post being written 20 people lost their lives. My City, The Sun City, now a national statistic… the 8th Largest Mass Shooting in the history of our nation.

I was taken aback as many would be. I fought tears because I didn’t want to show my son’s that I was afraid. Yet my heart broke more and more with news of what had happened. Praying there were no children, praying for those families and trying to wrap my mind around what was being described. The devastation flowed through my heart, the loss of people I never met, weighed heavily upon me. I called friends and family hoping they would answer. I received messages from colleagues, mentors and friends throughout the country asking if I was ok, something I loved and hated seeing at the same time.

More news broke, more details were brought into the light, my heart grew cold towards the individual who had perpetrated this act of cowardice against us. He attempted to infiltrate our community, poison us with hate and rhetoric only succeeding in solidifying the bond that only those from El Chuco can understand.

I was in awe seeing videos and pictures of the way this community came together. The bonds of family in a huge small town were never on display more so than when the city of El Paso came together to help one another out in a time of devastation and crisis.

Please go donate blood, please tell your family and friends you love them but most importantly, never lose that sense of family and pride that El Paso is known for.

I love you, El Paso.

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